No More Multitasking – Stacey Austin

How do you balance your business and personal responsibilities?
Balance is an important key to life.  Owning your own business is a hefty responsibility, but what isn’t?  The reality is no matter what you are doing you are going to expend energy.  In order to have a balanced, happy fulfilling life you need to identify who you are and what you want.
Let’s examine the fallacy of work/life balance.  The idea that we as women should be striving to balance two areas of our lives is exhausting and quite frankly my life isn’t that black and white.  One of the luxuries of small business is that the two can and will overlap. In owning your own business you are not willing to compromise your interests or passion for a paycheck and benefits. You shouldn’t compromise your “personal life” either.  You have to learn to allow yourself to truly let go of what ever it is you aren’t doing at any present moment.  By focusing on the task at hand you will be more effective and efficient with your time.  You should only do one thing at a time.  You read it right, ONE THING AT A TIME.I have had a business partner the entire time I have been self employed.  It has allowed both of us to be kind to ourselves through practicing kindness towards each other.  Life is unpredictable and we all face similar situations and life altering circumstances.  Recognizing that your world will not fall if you allocate the majority of your time and energy on business means that your professional world will not crumble if at times you need to focus on the other components of life.  It all comes around.

By knowing what is important to you, and acting on it will free you from the juggling act most of us are participating in.  Ultimately it’s about happiness.  It is my sincere hope that by connecting with you we will learn from one another and accept life as it comes.The easiest way I have found to free myself of the conceptual tendencies that cause me unhappiness is to ask myself if “I were a friend what advice would I give myself?”  You will find you would be a lot more understanding and forgiving of a friend than yourself.

Don’t balance life, live it.

– Stacey