Tanisha White, co-owner of Roux Commissary in Hamilton, has proven her knowledge of business in the beginning year of hers by creating a successful business structure to a popular niche. Tanisha’s company brings a great solution to the food industry by connecting restaurants, food trucks and chefs together in a beautiful kitchen space where they can expand and grow their businesses. Tanisha’s strengths include: marketing, networking and a background in journalism.

Dani Gagnon, is CEO of Dani G Inc – a marketing firm that specializes in social media marketing, which has worked on over 300 social media profiles for companies across North America in the last 3 years. Dani uses her innovative marketing mind to tackle the constant and ever-changing field of social media, to bring her clients the best results. Dani and her team of young people have made it their mission to eat, breathe and sleep in the zone of social media to better understand human connectivity and the complex world of marketing.

Stacey Austin, Opportunity is everywhere.  Understanding business and developing the necessary skills to succeed are crucial to the happiness of every entrepreneur.  The challenges women face in business are very real. Co owner of a female driven business, Casablanca Salon and Spa Inc. has given Stacey a window into how to manage challenges and maintain success.  Stacey’s motivation in business is to improve the world through empowering women and being green.