Mental Health and Small Business What?! – Tanisha White

Yes, that is correct.

Now that doesn’t seem right, does it? Well it’s true. After being an entrepreneur for what seems like years which actually translates to months, I have discovered that you need your brain in check.

Operating a small business is essentially the equivalent to having some form of mind alternating illness. One minute everything’s awesome – the next –  lowest point of your life. But there is light at the end of that dark tunnel. Those low days may stretch to weeks or months, but the people you surround yourself with will help you and alleviate your anxieties of ‘oh my god why did I start this?’ All you have to do is ask. Seek those people out – build a support system for yourself.

Mental health is key to success, without it everything else won’t seem all that important. This is when bad decisions start  – or defeat sets in. Who needs that? No one. Ever. The world is already a tough enough place so why make it harder. The simplest solution, is to reach out.

It’s a stigma, that talking about mental health makes you weak or vulnerable. Or worse, for a business owner that you have failed. You haven’t. Have conversations about it, talk about it, and you will start to find that solutions will come. Why? Because you are no longer wearing the mask that society wants us all to wear. That showing any signs of any emotion besides ‘happiness’ is not acceptable. Instead you are breaking the chain, you are taking a stand for your own health and mind.

So let’s recap; your brain and emotional state = the only thing that matters at the end of the day.

These are the things that no one really discusses. That once you open and start working on your business – you are actually working on yourself.

For more support if you’d like to chat, help find resources or just have someone listen, myself and the other wonderful Level Up ladies would be happy to help. for any words you’d like to offer up.

– Tanisha